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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Enable Navigation Bar in Android

Few days back when the Hardware Capacitive buttons for Back and Options key stopped working on Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone. I was quite disappointed to here that to fix that problem I needed to replace the touch and display of the Phone which costs around INR 7000. 
So after a lot of research I found a way to enable Soft keys ( Navigation Bar ) on Android Screen.
So I decided to share it to you, so you don't have to go through the pains and problems I went through.

So not wasting much of your time let me come straight to the point. So I you do it you need to follow the step by step instruction.
Though it is not Risky at all but still try it at your own risk.

1. Your Smart Phone needs to be Rooted.

2. You need to download an ES File Explorer File Manager to access the Android Root Files.

3. Enable Root access for ES File Explorer after installing it 
    [ Click here if you are having problems enabling the root access. ]

4. Now as you have the root access, you need to navigate to: 
  / Device --> system -->  build.prop

5. Open build.prop and touch the options button and select Edit.

6. Now scroll down at the end of the file and add this line.

7. Now save the file. If you have successfully rooted the phone, you won't have any problem saving it. And if you get any errors you need to check your root settings.

Note: If you want to disable the on-screen navigation bar later you just need to replace 0 with 1 in the above line of codes. i.e. qemu.hw.mainkeys=1

8. Restart your Phone, and you get your on-screen Navigation button for Home, Back and Tasks.
I hope it was not that difficult. Now enjoy your smart phone with soft keys too.

And Yes, to know more about Navigation Bars and Buttons, Do refer the following articles too.

  • Customizing In-built android Navigation Bars. ( Softkeys )
  • Disable Android Hardware Keys for Back & Options. ( Capacitive Buttons )
  • Disable Backlight of Hardware Keys. ( Works except for KitKat )
  • Disable Backlight of Hardware Keys Permanently. ( Also works on Kitkat )
Have Fun.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Do I Hurt Them?

Hey Guys, Today I m going to write a Non-Technical Post. Due to my love for writing, for the first time I want to write some thing Non-Technical on this Blog. I hope you like it.
Have Fun.

Yes my parents are Important, Yes my Love is Important, Yes my Carrier is Important, Lastly even my Family is Important. Yes I Love them all, but M I Hurting dem al? Simple Question, Answer Complicated!!! I’ll get several answers, none of them right. So Y do I need an answer for Dis when I know Der is no Answer to it! I wanna marry a Girl I like and my Parents would surely get hurt, so I decided I can’t hurt my Parents, I did hurt dem several tyms but not anymore. Yes I will marry a Girl of my Parents Choice and Baam!!! My Love got hurt. But she is not important right? She is in my life since 3 Years but my Parents they were wid me from the starting, isn’t it how can I hurt dem? Unbelievable, I was going to sacrifice the rest of my life for my Parents who would barely stay for 10 Years in my life. Yes it’s funny but the fact that I did hurt the love of my life just to make my parents happy.

So now I did marry, I married a girl whom I didn’t know, we have nothing in common, she is used to stay very friendly, attractive and pleasant with me before marriage, but now she is being rude. I don’t think she understands me. And the worst part is my Parents who made me marry her are nothing for her now. She doesn’t love them as much as I loved them. I have a family now and she wants me to leave my parents coz she can’t adjust wid dem. U know Y, coz she can’t take care of my parents as she has to look over my kids too. So ultimately, I was going to hurt my Parents for my family. And the thing is U r going to face it 2, no matter u r a guy or a girl. Now I feel dat I must have listened to my heart and select the love my life, I thought, though I would not be happy but my parents would die happy, But I was wrong!!! I & my love had a lot of understanding, And I m sure I would not had to take this step if I married her. But now I can’t regret it, it was my mistake and I have to live with it. I tried my best but unfortunately I lost my interest from my family. Now I don’t care about my wife and my kids anymore. I started sleeping with my colleague coz I loved her company, and I know my wife is sleeping with her college friend but I don’t want to make disputes now. It was over between us, we were leaving together legally just coz I didn’t used a protection that night.

Why? I wanna ask myself Y? It was pathetic but coz of my single wrong decision I messed up my entire life, and the worst part is I did hurt my Love, my Parents, my Family and my Carrier is already finished coz I can’t focus on my work. And the most important I did hurt myself too!!! Wasn’t I important? Y didn’t I talked to my parents and convinced them? I wish I did that.

But don’t loose hope my friends you have a long life, do take a right decision at a right time. Even I have to take the right decisions, I m 20 for now and I don’t want my life as per my imagination. Yes it was a mere imagination but, I am sure it is the story of millions of people of this world. I hope something would click in Ur heart when u read this article.

Thank You

                    Pratik Khatri
           CEO (Patrics Developers)

Patrics Developers Update

Hello Readers,

This is not a post, actually this an update for our Readers. The team of Patrics Developers would like to inform you about our domain name update. As you can see, we have changed our domain name from www.technoz.in to www.ptrix.in

We our very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. But some how, due to some technical problems with our Domain Name Registrar we had to change our domain to www.ptrix.in. Though we know that our domain name would not carry much importance to our Readers, because our content and information on this site is still the same and it would be much more interesting and informative in the future.

P.S. Enjoy browsing some of the best technical tricks and tips on www.ptrix.in.

Have Fun and Happy Browsing.

Pratik Khatri
CEO & Founder
Patrics Developers Inc.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Unlock Data Cards

Unlock Any Data Card for Free with DC Unlocker

Nowadays, We have Come Across Many Brands of Data Cards, Some are Factory Unlocked i.e. All the Sim Cards work in Such Data Cards and Some are Locked i.e. The Sim Operator Provided by the Manufacturer works with the Data Card.

As a Result I am Here to Show, How to Unlock these Locked Data Cards Provided by Different Operators like Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, MTS, Etc. So in Order to Unlock these types of Data Cards we will be Using DC Unlocker

  • DC Unlocker is Specially Designed for Data Card Unlocking .
  • It is First Universal Data Card Unlocking Software all over the World.
  • It has a Speedy Performance and Unlocks Data Cards within Fraction of Seconds.
  • It is Easy to Use and has a very good and clear Interface.
  • It doesn't require any Cables or Adapters for Unlocking. Simply Insert the Data Card.
  • It Identifies the Data Card Automatically with the Auto Detect Facility. So you don't have to worry about COM's and Ports.

Download DC Unlocker Full with Credits from our Servers for Free

After you Download the File you will be asked for a Password while you Extract it.
The Password is "patricsdevelopers".

Download and Enjoy Unlocking of Data Cards
For Issues Regarding Unlocking You can Google other Blogs or Share your Comments Here
Take Care and Enjoy
Thank You

Submitting your Website to Search Engines

Submitting You'r Website to Multiple Search Engines at Once

Hello Friends!
Today I am Here with an Awesome Post. In this Virtual World of Inter Networking, Everyone want a
Quality Traffic on their Websites. And that can only be Provided by Good Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alta Vista, Etc. So in order to Receive a Good Traffic you need to Submit your Website to such Search Engines.

Now as we all know that Submitting Websites to Search Engines is Time Consuming as there are Lots of Search Engines.

So we have an Alternative i.e. Just Follow these Simple Steps:-
  • Open this Website.
  • Now Scroll Down on the Website to Find "Free Web Submission".
  • Now Enter You'r Website Name in the First Tab.
  • Now Enter You'r Name in the Second Tab.
  • Now Enter You'r Email ID in the Third Tab.
  • Now Select the Search Engines on which your Site has to be Submitted.
  • Finally Click on "Submit your Site".

So I Hope you would have like this Post.
If you know any other Sites like this then Just Share it in the Form of Comments.
Also to Inform that our Blog Readers can also Request any Software on our Mailing Address.
We Assure you that we will Provide any Software you want.
Take Care and Thank You

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Processor Renamer Tool

Change the Processor Name within Clicks by Processor Renamer

In my Previous Post, I Explained a Procedure to Change the Name of the Processor Manually. Now I am
going to introduce an Epic - Processor Renamer. Just Download, Open and Select the Processor you want and you are Done. So now you can change the Name of your Processor Displayed in the Computer Properties for Fun Easily without any Coding.

Just Follow these Simple Steps to Change the Name of your Processor

  • Download Processor Renamer Tool by Clicking Here.
  • Extract It with WinRar, WinZip, 7Zip or Anything Else.
  • Now Run the File Name "PrcRenamer".
  • Now Select the Processor you want to be Displayed from the List.
  • And Finally Click on Change. And you are Done.
  • Right Click on "Computer Icon" and Select "Properties" to See the Change in Processor Name.

Note: Remember that this Tool will only change the name of the Processor in the Computer Properties. It Doesn't Increase or Decrease the CPU's Clock Speed, Nor Does it make any Change in the System Performance. This Trick is only for Fun and Selling Laptops and Computer with False Hardware Information is Not Allowed and Can be Considered as Criminal Offence.

Hope you Have Liked it
Tank You and Take Care

Changing the Name of the Processor

Change the Processor Name to Whatever You Want Permanently

Is your Processor too old. Do your friends annoy you as your Computer or Laptop Processor is Old.
Do you want a New Processor with Extinguishing Name without Spending Anything. Then you are Here at a Right Place. You can have a Good Brand New Processor's Name Displayed in your Computer Properties without Upgrading any of your Hardware Configuration.

Note: Remember This is Just a Trick, It is not Going to Improve your Computers Speed or Performance. It is Just a Technique which Enable you to Change the Name of your Processor Displayed in Computer's Properties.

So now coming to the Trick, You can Change the Name of your Processor to a Personalized One like "Patrics Processor" or Something Extreme like "HyperCore Processor 50 GHz" Simply saying you can Change the Name to Anything you want.

Now Simply Follow these Easy Steps :-

  • Open Notepad.
  • Copy and Paste Code Given Below Exactly as it is.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"ProcessorNameString"="Patrics(R) Extreme Processor CPU @ 2.80 GHz"
  • To change the Processor Name, Edit the Part of the Code written in Yellow.
  • Also make a note that \0 in the Above Code should only be Present if Windows Store your Processor Name at that Location.
  • So to Check that, Hit 'Windows + R' to open Run Dialogue Box. (Windows Key is the Key with Windows Flag on it).
  • Type "regedit" in the Run Dialogue Box and Hit Enter Key. This will Open Registry Editor.
  • Now Navigate to the Location Mentioned in the Code to check whether you Processor Name is Present in '0' after the Central Processor or it is Present in the 'Central Processor' Itself.
  • If the Processor Name is Present in the '0' then you have to Include the '0' and if it is in the Central Processor then Remove the '0'.
  • After you are done with the Code, Click on the File Menu and Click on Save As. Now you have to Select "All Types" in the Save As Type Option. Save the File with the Name  ProcessorName.reg  or *.reg and Save it to C Drive i.e."C:".
  • Ok so now as you are Done with the Making the Registry File, You just have to Double Click on this Registry File that you Created to Change the Processor Name to Whatever you have Given in the Code.
  • And Now Check your Processors Magical Status by Simply Right Clicking on the Computer Icon and Selecting the Properties Option.
  • Finally Let me now tell you the Demerit of this Trick. Whenever you Shutdown or Restart your Computer or Laptop, It will change the Name of the Processor to the Original One Automatically.
  • So to Change the Processor Name Permanently you have to Create a New Shortcut on you Desktop for that Right Click on your Desktop and navigate to New and Finally select Shortcut. 
  • Now Enter {regedit / S C:\ProcessorName.reg} as the Location of the Item. In short you have to give the Destination of the Registry File we Created Earlier after '/ S'. Please Do not Use this Curly Brackets in the Location they are only used for Making Clear Reference over Here.
  • Now Click on Next, Give a Name for the Shortcut File and Select Finish. And you are done with Shortcut File.
  • Now Cut that Shortcut File you created on the Desktop and Navigate to the Startup i.e.
------------------------------For Windows XP and Previous Versions------------------------------

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


------------------------------For Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Newer Versions------------------------------


  • Now Paste the Shortcut to the Navigated Folder. Also Remember that AppData is a Hidden Folder. So Considering that you know How to Show Hidden Folders in Windows Platform I am not Explaining it over Here. And If you Don't Know then Just Google it Up. I am Sure you will Get Numerous Results for your Query.
  • So Finally You are Done with Changing The Processor Name Permanently.
  • You can Get the Names of Popular Processors in Exact Format Here.
N'Joy your New High Speed Processor
Thank You and Take Care

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

BlackMart Alpha

BlackMart Alpha - The Android Black Market

BlackMart Apha is one the Finest App for Android Platform on your Smart Phones in Today's Date as it Allows the User to Download The Paid Apps available in Android Play Store for Free. Just as if it is doing the Black Marketing of Paid Android Apps. Not only this but also allows you to Update Cracked Software's for Free
Isn't it Wonderful?

It has an Excellent User Interface that Lets you Search and Find all the Apps and Games Easily and that too for Free. It also has Filters that Allows you to Sort Applications by Tags such as Name, Size, Price, Date, Value, Etc and Provides you the Ability to Uninstall Applications and make a Backup of them.

Enjoy the Paid Applications and Have Fun
Take Care & Thank You

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Booting HBCD From Flash Drive

Booting Hiren's Boot Disk Though a USB Flash Drive

  • Step 1: Connect your USB Pen Drive or Thumb Drive. (1GB or More
  • Step 2: Download and Run USB Disk Storage Format Tool.
  • Step 4: Insert the Hiren's BootCD (10.3 or Newer Version) in the CD Drive or Mount the Image of the CD to a Virtual Drive and Copy Everything From CD or Image to USB Flash Drive or Thumb Drive. 
  • Step 5: Copy "grldr" and "menu.lst" From 'grub4dos.zip' (Or From HBCD Folder) to the USB or Thumb Drive.
  • Step 6: Test Your USB or Thumb Drive (Scroll Down to the End of the Post for Troubleshooting Instructions). 
  • Step 7: Make sure you set your Computer to Boot from USB Flash Drive from the BIOS or CMOS Setup.

Troubleshooting Instructions:

If you Cannot Install 'grub4dos' (Or You Get "Cannot Run Background Program message") then Use 'SysLinux' to boot Grub4Dos.

Hoping that this Post will Be Helpful to all.
Share your comments in case you are facing a problem.
Our Team will surely try to Resolve your Problem.
Thank You

Hiren's Boot CD

Hiren's Bootable CD - An All In One Utility Disk

Hiren's BootCD is a totally Free Bootable CD that consists of a Bulk of Useful Tools and Softwares which can be used in a Variety of Situations like Recovering, Analyzing and
Fixing your Computer System even if its Primary Operating System Can't be Booted. We can also call it Windows XP Live CD. It is a finest resource for anyone with Computer Problems or the one who is having Trouble in Accessing the Internet to Download Programs and in an Attempt to Fix it. It even has Multiple Tools divided into a number of categories and sections such as Partitioning Tools, Backup Tools, Recovery Tools, BIOS/CMOS Tools and many moreYou can use it to Repair Many Problems in Computers like Virus Infections, Hard Drive Failure, Partitioning, Password Recovery and Data Recovery without any struggles if just know the Contents of this CD. It has an Extensive List of Softwares and Utilities. Utilities and tools of similar functions are grouped together and seems to be redundant; however, they are present in choices through UI's differences & options in what they can do and what can it be used for.

It also contains Various Diagnostic Programs like Data Recovery Tools, MBR Tools, Partitioning Agents, System Performance Benchmarks, Disk Cloning and Imaging tools, BIOS Tools, and numerous others for fixing various Computer Problems. As it is a Bootable CD; you can use it even if the Primary Operating System is unable to boot.

Hiren's BootCD: All In One Dos Based Bootable CD which has all These Utilities: Antivirus Tools, Backup Tools, Archivers & Unarchievers, BIOS & CMOS Tools, FileSystem Tools, Browsers & File Managers, Cleaners, Editors & Viewers,  Hard Disk Tools, Network Tools, MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools, MS Dos Tools, Partition Tools, Optimizers,  Password Tools, Process Tools, Remote Control Tools, Recovery Tools, Registry Tools,  Security & Encryption Tools, Testing Tools, Startup Tools, System Information Tools,  Tweakers, etc.

It's Not All, It's also a Windows XP Live CD.

Publisher's Website: http://www.hirensbootcd.org

Or else Navigate to the Publisher's Website. [Free Ware].
Do Make Comments if you want to know more about it.

Thank You