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November 22, 2021

GUI Based operating system by technoz

 GUI Based operating system by technoz

GUI Based operating system

Introduction to GUI-based Operating Systems

In the right words, without the operating system, the computer is nothing more than a tin, the operating system is the only means with the help of which we can access our computer hardware or give commands to the hardware. Huh. But was it always as easy to operate a computer as it is today? So the answer will be no, not always, all this has become easier since the advent of GUI-based operating systems, so would you not want to know what is this GUI and how it made the computer easier. So let's know the introduction of GUI based operating system GUI Based operating system

In Types of Computer Software, we had read that Operating System is a system software i.e. Operating System controls all the internal activities of your computer. And provides you, the user, such an interface so that he can operate the computer very easily. The operating system controls the computer's resources such as the computer's memory, central processing unit, hard disk or other software. This is the first such program. The process which is loaded from the room into the main memory of the computer after the computer is switched on is called booting. GUI Based operating system

But all this became possible when GUI-based operating systems came into existence, before it was not so easy to run the computer. In the early days, the computer worked in console mode or not. We could give commands from the keyboard, there was no mouse or there were no other options like there are in today's operating systems. GUI Based operating system

Today you have start menu, file menu, close button and many more It happens that it used to work in a similar way and not every human could run it, you had to know the proper command to run the computer.

Most GUI-based Operating Systems The biggest revolution happened after the arrival of the mouse, when you can click anywhere on the screen to do any work you want, even complex tasks like photo editing, so what is this GUI? a GUI) Let's get to know GUI Based operating system

What is GUI

The full form of GUI is Graphical User Interface, as its name suggests, it is based on operating system graphics, that is, you can give input to the computer through mouse and keyboard, and there You are given an interface, it is graphical or there are all kinds of buttons, there are menus, which is a very easy interface that any user can operate. Graphical user interface. There has been rapid development in operating systems since GUI Based operating system

The old time computers used to have operating systems, they were based on CUI i.e. Character User Interface like MS DOC in which only keyboard used to work but since operating system based on Graphical User Interface (GUI) like Windows 95, Windows Since 98 came, it became difficult to work with the keyboard and needed a device with the help of which work could be done anywhere on the screen and then the mouse was invented. In 1960, the mouse was invented by Doug Engelbert. And you will be surprised to know that the first mouse was made of wood, in which two metal wheels were attached. This was the time when the first generation of computers was running and the size of the computer was equal to that of a room.
GUI Based operating system

GUI Based Operating System Names

1. Microsoft Windows Operating System
2. Unix operating system
3. Linux operating system

1. Windows - Windows is a GUI based  operating system it consist of graphical interface. It has icons navigation bars.

⇨Operation With Windows

1. Creating a new Folder 

Step-1. Right click on the mouse at blank space at the desktop.

Step-2. Now select the 'NEW' option from the 'MENU' when you do this then 'SUB MENU' will appear on the screen.

Step-3. Now select the 'FOLDER' option from the sub menu.

Step-4. Now type the name of your choice and press the enter key.

2. Delete the folder

Step-1. Right the mouse on the folder and want to delete.

Step-2. Now the select delete option from the menu before deleting the folder.

Step-3. If you really want to delete the given folder then select 'YES' hence select 'NO'

3. Re-Name the folder

Step-1. Right click the mouse on the file or folder then for which name has to changed.

Step-2. Now select the Re-Name option from the menu when you select the folder then current name will be highlight.

Step-3. Now type the  'NEW-NAME' and press the enter key.

4.Start-Button GUI Based operating system

It is starting point of windows menu system when you click button with he mouse, windows menu list will pop-up.
Now user can select any menu option as per the need on requirements.

5.Re-Cycle Bin GUI Based operating system

When ever to we delete any file or folder it goes to the recycle bin from the recycle bin we can also re-store the files or folder which be have deleted.

6.Control Panel GUI Based operating system

① Click the start button.
② Select the control panel option from the start-up menu.
③ The control panel contains the special tools to change any option or setting related to your computer. GUI Based operating system
        1. Mouse Option
        2. Printer Option
        3. Network Option
        5. System Password
        6. Install or Uninstall any Software.