what is the computer? | computer kya hai ?

Components of computer system | कंप्यूटर सिस्टम के घटक

Components of a computer system.

                                         ☯️ COMPUTER

▶️"It is an electronic device which converts row data into meaningful information".
▶️"A Computer is a programmable electronic device or machine, that accept data and instructions through input device, calculating data/results and finally providing it to the output devices.
The results stored on memory and then transferred stored to the output devices".

                                        ☯️ Components

"There are four different components of a  computer system"
▶️ 1. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
▶️ 2. Memory
▶️ 3. Input And Output Device's
▶️ 4. Control Unit

☯️ 1. Central Processing Unit

           "It is the brain of a computer system . The CPU us capable of performing both arithmetical and logical calculation, it consists of ALU arithmetic performance type of calculations.

☯️ 2. Memory

               "It is space provided to stored intermediate & permanent storage for our data.

Components of computer system
Memory Diagram

▶️ There are two types of memory

    ( i ).     Internal Memory.
                  "The internal memory are two types--
                    ➡️ [ RAM & ROM ]
    ( ii ).    External Memory.
                   "The 'External' memory are three types--
                     ➡️ [ CDs , Hard-disk , & Pendrive ]

☯️ 3. Input and Output Device's

         ➡️ "There are input & output Devices which are known as peripheral devices.
The input device are used to give input to the 'CPU' along with the instructions.
For Example -- Keyboard, Mouse, & Joystick etc."
         ➡️ "The output devices are used to get the output From the 'CPU' with the help of memory.
The Example are -- Monitor, Printer, etc."

☯️ 4. Control Unit

         ➡️ "The control unit Just like a Nurse system to connect the brain and different similarly the control unit contains is of wire's which Carey different signals to make and active or run different input and output devices with the help of 'CPU' and 'MEMORY' .
           ➡️ It basically carries the massage in the from of signal's through wire's, to make any input and output devices device active or inactive.



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